JasonsGrooveMachine is the YouTube account of Jason, one of the founding members of LowBiasGaming. He has been contributing videos online since 2005 and has been Let's Playing since 2006.

He is 31 years old and was born in south eastern Idaho where he still lives today.

His Let's Play library consists mostly of classic and retro NES and SNES games. Generally role playing games, but also has a selection of action and adventure games to view as well. Along with one off Let's Plays, Jason also does series Let's Plays including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Adventure Island, Super Mairo Bros, Mega Man and Mage Man X to name a few. Also special series such as the NES Atlas which featured games selected by Nintendo Power to appear in their "NES Atlas" special edition issue. At the time of this posting he has completed over 150 Let's Plays.

Jason also is a musician and has been playing and performing for more than 10 years.