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Everything you'd ever like to know about the members of LowBiasGaming and the Let's Plays they do.

About LowBiasGamingEdit

LowBiasGaming is a group of Let's Players that formed, unofficially, in 2010. The original name of the site and the lineup for the group has changed over the years. The current lineup includes JasonsGroovemachine, Ragnatz, ScarletEye, JadePharaoh and KewlioMZX.

Each member specializes in a different style of playing and commentary and has their own favorite genre of game they like to play.

The site itself also hosts a forum and arcade for public contributions and challenges. The forums also feature comics, videos, movies, review, request lists, and much more.

LowBiasGaming is a free to join and free to use site.

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